PolarSeal remains as one of the leading contract manufacturers and flexible material converters through constant investment in innovative technologies and priding itself in being a solutions provider for world leading medical device companies and healthcare providers. We collaborate with our clients and use extensive in-house capabilities to conceptualize, design, develop and manufacture.

Flexible material converting

Cost-effective medical tape solutions for the healthcare sector, including both custom and standard options. Rely on our reputable & favored flexible material converting services.


Prioritizing patient care and infection control, PolarSeal delivers sterilization services for your medical device, employing methods ranging from Gamma Irradiation to E-Beam sterilization.


Discover the advantages of consignment stock and global warehousing. We provide comprehensive solutions to optimize your supply chain and minimize expenses.


PolarSeal exhibits unwavering dedication to quality accreditation, adhering to the ISO 13485 Quality Standard and FDA regulations from the very beginning.


Collaborating with leading global raw material suppliers, we identify the best-suited materials for your specific medical device and component needs.

Machine facilitation

PolarSeal installs your machinery and oversees the complete manufacturing process with skilled and dedicated operators in a specialized medical environment.


Markets We Serve

PolarSeal specializes in providing exclusive contract manufacturing solutions tailored for prominent medical device companies operating within the healthcare sector. Leveraging our comprehensive turn-key manufacturing capabilities, reliable supply chains, and adept handling of material conversion and adhesive techniques, we emerge as the go-to single-source expert for healthcare clients. With our profound expertise, you can confidently cater to your market demands.

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