Machine Facilitation

Your machinery in PolarSeal’s facilities, looked after by a dedicated projects team and experienced operators.


Outsourced medical operations

PolarSeal provides an exceptional outsourced operations service on a global scale. By installing client machinery in our cutting-edge manufacturing facilities, we enable our clients to concentrate on propelling their business forward, knowing that their production is fully optimized to meet the ever-growing demands of consumers.

Need product design, process or proto-typing help? Or simply an existing product you would like to outsource or upscale? Our experts work collaboratively with your teams to achieve optimal output.

PolarSeal is an internationally recognized medical manufacturing company, equipped with cutting-edge systems and boasting multiple international manufacturing facilities in the UK and USA.

By providing the option for your machinery to be installed in our production areas, including our cleanroom production facility, PolarSeal ensures confidentiality and security, enabling you to scale up your product’s production in order to meet increasing demand.

Our extensively skilled operators undergo thorough training on both requirements and machinery. With diverse in-house expertise spanning various markets, PolarSeal can deliver optimal efficiency without the need for expanding your workforce and incurring additional costs.

With our internal expertise and robust Quality Management System, we guarantee that your production lines are meticulously handled according to your current Quality Standards. PolarSeal’s ISO13485 accreditation and ISO 7 Cleanroom facilities are both FDA registered and subject to regular audits.

PolarSeal can design, print and manufacture your product packaging in-house.

PolarSeal ensures timely and complete delivery of your products through our well-established global logistics network.

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Machine Facilitation Resources

Manufacturing e-book

Comprehensive insights into the realm of manufacturing. It is imperative to conduct thorough due diligence to guarantee a successful collaboration with your new partner.

6 advantages of outsourcing

Using multiple vendors for outsourcing your medical device production can present problem, find out how using the single source vendor approach can help you succeed.

Machine facilitation overview

Enjoy our free infographic outlining the importance of outsourced operations and what needs to be achieved before proceeding to full manufacture.

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