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Logistic solutions for medical device manufacturers

For medical device manufacturers, efficient logistics, consignment stock, and global warehousing are critical components in ensuring streamlined operations and timely product distribution. By implementing robust logistics strategies, including consignment stock arrangements and global warehousing facilities, manufacturers can optimize their supply chains, reduce inventory costs, and enhance overall operational efficiency.


These integrated solutions not only enable just-in-time delivery to healthcare facilities worldwide but also minimize the risks associated with fluctuating market demands and regulatory compliance, thereby fostering sustainable growth and market competitiveness for medical device manufacturers.

  • Reduced stock levels
  • Lower supply chain costs
  • Improved cash flow
  • Reduced purchase costs
  • Less inventory management
  • Improved working capital
  1. Agree on stock levels
  2. Delivery of goods to requested location
  3. Goods are stored at your convenience
  4. Incremential number of goods are delivered to end destination upon request
  5. Stock is monitored and replenished to maintain healthy levels of inventory

Our comprehensive international warehousing services are tailored to facilitate your business expansion on a global scale. Strategically positioned, our cutting-edge facilities are designed to streamline your supply chain and minimize transit durations. Additionally, we provide proficient warehouse management and fulfillment services, ensuring a seamless end-to-end solution for your logistical needs.

Our adaptable facilities are customizable to precisely match your unique requirements. With offerings such as bonded warehouses, climate-controlled storage, and efficient fulfillment centers, we guarantee the secure and proficient storage and handling of your goods.

Through our advanced warehouse management system, you can effortlessly monitor real-time inventory levels, track stock movement, and efficiently oversee orders. Furthermore, we provide a range of value-added services including order processing, kitting, and meticulous quality control, ensuring a seamless and streamlined operational experience.

  • Expertise with decades of experience
  • Cost-effective solutions to reduce your operational costs
  • Customer service by a passionate team
  • Technology implementation for transparency and security of all operations

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