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PolarSeal are more than a tape converter, we provide solutions when you need complex and tight tolerance die cuts. We dedicate a project team to focus on you, tailoring strategies to suit your needs.


Precision die cutting solutions

PolarSeal offers over 40 years experience in flexible material converting for the medical market, bringing you process efficiency, cost saving solutions, quality of component parts and a passionate team ready to assist you at every turn. Our custom die cutting processes with state of the art technology are optimized for many materials including tapes, films, foams, adhesives and more.

Precision manufacturing process utilizing a customized cylindrical die to cut, shape, or perforate materials with exceptional accuracy and efficiency. A perfect solution for creating intricate designs and precise shapes in various materials, from adhesive-backed substrates to flexible films.

Rotary die cutting is a high-speed, automated process ensuring consistent, reliable results whilst minimizing waste and cost. Converting for medical devices and component parts, rotary die cutting is a versatile and indispensable technology that enhances production quality and efficiency.

Flat bed die cutting employs steel rule dies that are adjusted to different levels within a hydraulic or mechanical press to stamp out shapes from materials. The benefits of this technique include its suitability for smaller quantities, the capability to handle larger die-cuts, and the ability to work with thicker materials.

Kiss cutting involves the die-cutting of a laminated material up to the liner without severing the liner itself. This process effectively leaves the die-cut portion attached to the liner. As a result, components can be conveniently provided in a roll configuration on the liner encircling a core, simplifying their manipulation.

PolarSeal is equipped with the capability to manufacture significantly expansive die-cuts, with the impressive capacity to accommodate sizes as large as 1600mm x 800mm. This specialized capacity enables the efficient creation of a diverse array of large and irregularly shaped gaskets or masking products. The advanced machinery and expertise at PolarSeal allow for the precise and effective production of these sizable components, ensuring high-quality and tailored solutions for various industrial applications.

Plotter cutting is a precise and efficient technique for the production of intricate and customized medical parts. With its high-precision capabilities, the plotter can create complex shapes and designs, ensuring the accurate fabrication of components crucial for medical equipment and devices. This technology allows for the rapid production of prototypes and small batch runs, enabling medical professionals and researchers to swiftly iterate and refine their designs, ultimately contributing to the advancement of healthcare solutions.

The guillotine process, facilitated through roll-feeding, seamlessly integrates lamination and sheeting into a single step. Its versatile functionality extends to the application of diverse adhesive types onto non-adhesive substrates, enabling the precise cutting of sheets into squares and rectangles. This streamlined process significantly aids in the final application of the end product.

Furthermore, targeted lamination of specific material zones across the width and the application of supplementary tools like overlapped carrier liners to pre-adhesive materials are possible during the sheeting process. Notably, this method finds frequent application in the production of incision films, where it allows for the addition of handlebars, removal of support films, and precise guillotine cutting to achieve the desired dressing sheet size. The finished product is then efficiently rolled and packed for distribution.

Key Specifications:

  • Maximum Sheet Width: 1100mm
  • Maximum Sheet Length: 1600mm
  • Equipped with In-line Lamination Facility

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