Starting from monitoring blood glucose levels to tracking cardiac rhythms, the approach to health monitoring has significantly evolved, becoming more lightweight, minimally invasive, and highly efficient. This transformative technology integrates seamlessly with skin-friendly adhesives, ensuring convenient application, repositioning, and removal.


Stick-to-skin solutions for wearable devices

PolarSeal can provide the components needed to develop wearable medical devices, delivering high quality and innovative stick-to-skin solutions.

PolarSeal already provides the necessary skin adhering patches in many forms as well as providing the capabilities for diagnostic devices. We work with wearable product companies and designers, taking ideas from initial concepts through to certified, packaged products that work with optimal functionality.

  • Health and Wellness Monitoring
  • ECG electrodes
  • Sports monitoring devices
  • Safety Monitoring
  • Home Rehabilitation
  • Treatment Efficacy Assessment
  • Early Detection of Disorders
  • Biosensors
  • Diabetes Monitoring
  • Implanted Device Charging
  • Durability
  • Comfort
  • Skin-friendly
  • Easy to reposition and remove
  • Easy to apply to skin
  • Long or short wear time
  • Tackiness when in contact with moisture
  • Lamination of multiple layers
  • Precision die cutting of intricate component parts
  • Flexographic and product marking for instructions and branding
  • Full assembly of devices
  • ISO 7 cleanroom converting
  • Packing of devices into pouches or cartons

PolarSeal works with you through the design and product testing process to confirm the correct adhesives to use on a wearable device from Silicone Gels to Low Trauma Hydrocolloids. We ensure the adhesive and material are:

  1. Skin-friendly
  2. Breathable (requirement dependent)
  3. Absorbent
  4. Repositionable
  5. Sterile
  6. Cooling

Leveraging our profound expertise in Tape Converting and Adhesives, PolarSeal carefully selects the most suitable adhesive for your device, taking into account its application, duration of use, dimensions, weight, and the intended area of application.

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The customer needed a waterproof adhesive to secure a wearable device on the body in a submerged position, which would also be easily replaceable following water exposure.

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