Surgical Films

Gentle stick-to-skin incise film solutions, effectively sealing surgical areas and preventing bacterial intrusion.


Surgical films and drapes solutions

Employing a variety of top-tier, skin-compatible polyurethane films, PolarSeal possesses both the capabilities and extensive expertise in crafting surgeon-friendly incision films.

The adoption of single-use surgical drapes is acknowledged as a critical element in reducing the prevalence of post-operative infections. A diverse selection of gentle adhesive surgical films is accessible to fulfill the demands of this industry.

  • Incision films
  • OP strips
  • Bordering tapes
  • Fixation tapes

At the heart of this product line lies a combination of high-performance polyurethane (PU) films, renowned for their potent defense against bacteria and viruses, and advanced medical-grade pressure-sensitive adhesive with specific specifications. These skin-compatible adhesives showcase a distinctive capability to sustain adhesion even in the face of extensive irrigation fluid use or the discharge of bodily fluids during surgical interventions.

PolarSeal is highly proficient in this specialized domain and provides considerable adaptability concerning the potential choices available for the design or structural specifications of surgical film products. These options may encompass:

  • Retaining or removing the polyethylene support film.
  • Liners, including printed liners for brand identification.
  • Custom-colored handling bars to align with the brand or application.
  • Folding and packaging into a sealed pouch, sterilized and prepared for use.
  • Products suitable for gamma and ETO sterilization processes.
  • Lamination of multiple layers
  • Precision die cutting of specified sheets or parts
  • Scoring of handle bars for easy removal
  • Flexographic and product marking for instructions and branding
  • Full assembly of devices
  • ISO 7 cleanroom converting
  • Packing of films into pouches and cartons (printing available)

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The customer needed a waterproof adhesive to secure a wearable device on the body in a submerged position, which would also be easily replaceable following water exposure.

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