Ostomy components

PolarSeal contract manufacture a range of ostomy components from hydrocolloid wafers and flanges to filter covers and hook & loop closure systems. Providing you with adhesive and non-adhesive sealing solutions for your ostomy bags. 


Adhesive and converting solutions

Leading global manufacturers of ostomy and continence devices trust PolarSeal to deliver a range of intricate, multi-layer components pivotal in the production of their items.


Recognizing the critical importance of product dependability and economical solutions in this competitive industry, we also acknowledge the necessity for continual technical assistance in advancing new product development, thereby enhancing the quality of life for patients reliant on stoma care.

Feeding rolls of material into our rotary die cutting process allows us to meet volume expectations as well as provide cost and waste saving solutions.

PolarSeal both manufactures and offers technical support for a comprehensive range of primary and secondary ostomy components, which encompass:

  • Adhesive filter covers
  • Ostomy bag closure systems
  • Carbon/charcoal filters designed to minimize odor
  • Bag tail components
  • Hook and loop closure systems
  • Hydrocolloid attachments for bag-to-body connection
  • Hydrocolloid flanges and washers
  • Non-woven tapes and die-cuts suitable for body contact areas
  • Precision raw material film slitting
  • Presentation in roll format for machine application of components.
  • Lamination of multiple layers including non-woven and hydrocolloids
  • Precision die cutting of intricate component parts including filter covers and wafers
  • Flexographic and product marking for instructions and branding such as cutting guidelines onto liners, laminated onto wafers.
  • Assembly of components onto other components or the bag itself.
  • Tube filling for ostomy pastes.
  • ISO 7 cleanroom converting.

In this domain, the significance of skin-compatible adhesives cannot be overstated. Ensuring reliability during application is crucial, as is minimizing skin irritation upon removal, particularly given the prolonged use of these products.

Furthermore, our team has engineered specialized, cutting-edge high tack adhesives for non-skin contact components. These adhesives are designed for bonding to low surface energy films commonly employed in such devices.

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Ostomy case study

A customer approached us in need of a smooth/hard to stick to film required for the bag to stop moisture and smell escaping. They were after the perfect adhesive solution.

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