Medical Liquids

PolarSeal facilitates customers throughout the complete process of implementing fluid-based wet medical devices.


Liquid formulation to tube filling

Tube filling involves the systematic filling of jars, vials, tubes, and various liquid containers through a dedicated production line. This process entails filling these containers with specific liquids, ranging from cosmetics to stoma pastes and scar management gels.


From conceptualization to delivering the end product in large quantities prepared for worldwide distribution, we are committed to meticulous attention to detail. Our comprehensive medical certifications, including ISO13485 and FDA registration, guarantee precise and compliant product fulfillment.

  • Collaboration with formulation in line with your specifications
  • Manufacture liquid
  • In-house tube/jar/vial filling
  • Up to 1,000,000 pieces per month capacity
  • Packed into cartons which can be printed by PolarSeal
  • Packaged and distributed to your deisred location
  • Design and development
  • Advisory and compliance with regulators
  • Supply chain management
  • Sterilization advisory
  • Validation
  • Market implementation

Our expertise encompasses formulation and product development across various fluid categories, such as liquids, ointments, gels, pastes, creams, and actives. We provide technical and legislative services, including laboratory testing and management of the registration process. Operating in ISO 7 cleanroom facilities, we specialize in manufacturing. Our services extend to filling tubes, bottles, vials, and jars, with a final packaging process that includes flow/sleeve/over-wrapping and cartoning. Additionally, we offer comprehensive labeling and sterilization services.

  1. Gels and pastes
  2. Scar management gels
  3. Active ingredients
  4. Wound care management solutions
  5. Nasal gels / liquids
  6. Coatings

IS LIQUID FORMULATION DONE IN-HOUSE AT POLARSEAL? We collaborate with trusted liquid formulators to tailor formulations according to your requirements.

CAN POLARSEAL CUSTOMIZE TUBE BRANDING? Utilizing our printing proficiency, we can create labels that perfectly match your tubes, vials, or jars. Alternatively, you can provide your own pre-printed labels for us to apply in-house.

WHAT DOES TUBE FILLING ENTAIL? Tube filling involves processing jars, vials, tubes, and similar containers through a production line, filling them with a diverse array of liquids. This can range from cosmetic products to stoma pastes and scar management gels.

ARE TUBES THE SOLE ITEMS FILLED BY POLARSEAL? Our wet-medical device filling expertise enables us to fill various tubes and jars with an assortment of liquids and pastes.

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Liquids Resources

Manufacturing e-book

Comprehensive insights into the realm of manufacturing. It is imperative to conduct thorough due diligence to guarantee a successful collaboration with your new partner.

Liquids case study

A customer had the requirement for the formulation, manufacture and tube fill of a wound gel with one provider. Source of chemical, mix, heat and tube into several sizes.

Liquids overview

A concise document offering insight into PolarSeal's medical liquids formulating and filling capabilities and our proficiency in meeting your requirements.

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