Life Sciences

Catering to the life sciences sector, PolarSeal offers top-tier sealing solutions that excel in performance. We specialize in producing high-performance films designed specifically for the rapidly expanding field of molecular technology.


Sealing solutions for the Life Science industry

At the forefront of supplying cutting-edge specialist sealing materials to the Life Science Industry, we cater to a diverse range of applications, spanning from sample preparation to high-throughput screening. Our Microplate sealing products are meticulously crafted using carefully chosen tapes, coatings, and pressure-sensitive adhesives, including those of medical and Diagnostic grades. Our approach to designing, manufacturing, and testing these products is guided by our unwavering commitment to ensuring 100% quality, integrity, and compliance within the biotechnology, pharmaceutical R&D, and molecular biology domains that we serve.

Our collaboration with OEMs extends from the initial stages of product conceptualization to component supply or direct product design. Drawing on our innovation and extensive experience, we actively identify novel Biomedical products and methodologies, streamline existing products and processes, and achieve cost-effectiveness while upholding uncompromising quality standards. With our OEM service, you can expect comprehensive documented testing, alongside an assurance of complete confidentiality.

  • Micro Plate seals and laminates catering to drug discovery and molecular diagnostics
  • Evaporation-control films and adhesives suitable for micro/nanofluid storage and mixing
  • Optically clear and low-autofluorescence films equipped with chemical-resistant adhesives
  • Heat seal and self-adhesive options tailored to a diverse range of Micro Plate materials for Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR)
  • Gas-permeable seals resistant to fluids, designed for cell, seed, and insect culture purposes.
  • PCR
  • qPCR
  • ELISA, Incubations & storage
  • Cell & tissue culture
  • Cell & long-term storage
  • Auto sampling
  • F & L seals
  • Custom sealing solutions
  • OEM

PolarSeal leverages a diverse range of in-house capabilities to offer comprehensive service solutions for our clients. Our streamlined approach to manufacturing large quantities of consumer healthcare products is enhanced through the following techniques:

  1. Precision Material Slitting: We expertly slit master rolls to exact specifications, ensuring optimal material efficiency and minimizing waste.
  2. Precision Cutting: Our cutting tools maximize material use, crafting components precisely according to your specifications.
  3. Expert Laminating: Utilizing specialized processes and our industry knowledge, we proficiently laminate multiple layers of materials for your product.
  4. In-House Printing: With our internal printing capabilities, we can imprint your brand on the product itself or the packaging, making it easily recognizable as yours.
  5. Efficient Packing and Pouching: By integrating our manufacturing lines, finalized products seamlessly transition to our pouching line for packing, palletizing, and subsequent distribution to your preferred location.

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