Fixation solutions

Through close collaboration with your development team, our team of design and production engineers possesses the resources and expertise required to manufacture the most economical fixation products for a multitude of applications.


Adhesive and non-adhesive fixation solutions

PolarSeal can provide the components needed to develop wearable medical devices, delivering high quality and innovative stick-to-skin solutions.


PolarSeal already provides the necessary skin adhering patches in many forms as well as providing the capabilities for diagnostic devices. We work with wearable product companies and designers, taking ideas from initial concepts through to certified, packaged products that work with optimal functionality.


PolarSeal remains unwavering in its dedication to the following standards:

  1. ISO 13485 compliance
  2. Adherence to ISO 7 Cleanroom specifications as per 14644-1
  3. Compliance with the Medical Device Regulation (MDR)
  4. FDA registration and successful audits.

Self-adhesive fixation devices find widespread application in various medical contexts, including:

  • Securing central line catheters
  • Stabilizing I.V. cannulae lines
  • Attaching nasal oxygen lines
  • Fixating duodenal and nasal feeding tubes
  • Fastening urinary catheters
  • Providing eye protection during surgeries
  • Supporting endotracheal intubation
  • Facilitating hemodialysis catheterization
  • Securing umbilical catheters
  • Fixating epidural catheters.

PolarSeal, as a dynamic material converter, dedicates unwavering efforts towards delivering reliable, adaptable, and intelligent attachment solutions for tubes and medical devices. Our focus lies in the development and delivery of groundbreaking adhesive solutions tailored for clients within the medical sector. In particular, for our fixation devices, we prioritize the provision of:

  • Dependable secure fixation
  • Enhanced adjustability
  • Diverse material combinations to suit various requirements.

Securing tubes or medical devices to the body is crucial for various reasons, encompassing the following considerations:

  • Requirement for adequate cushioning beneath the device
  • Robust anchoring to prevent unintended removal
  • Mitigation of infection risks
  • Facilitation of puncture site examination
  • Prolonged device lifespan resulting from minimized necessary changes.

When developing and producing a medical fixation device, the following factors warrant consideration:

  • Positioning requirements
  • Volume specifications
  • Adaptability for optimal fit
  • Material selection for compatibility and durability
  • Incorporation of cushioning for enhanced patient comfort
  • Implementation of robust anchoring mechanisms to prevent device displacement.
  • Non-wovens
  • Foams
  • Elastics
  • Adhesive-coated products

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Fixation Resources

Manufacturing e-book

Comprehensive insights into the realm of manufacturing. It is imperative to conduct thorough due diligence to guarantee a successful collaboration with your new partner.

Fixation case study

A customer required a tube holder to hold a tube firmly but also requiring flexibility when washing or moving the patient. We design and manufactured a unique fixation solution.

Fixation overview

A concise document offering insight into PolarSeal's medical fixation device converting capabilities and our proficiency in meeting your requirements.

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