PolarSeal are more than a tape converter, we provide solutions when you need complex and tight tolerance die cuts. We dedicate a project team to focus on you, tailoring strategies to suit your needs.


Slitting and rotary rewinding

PolarSeal’s lathe and rewinding slitting provides our customers with a narrowing solution for their master rolls of a variety of materials including adhesives, tapes, non-wovens, foils, films, liners, and foams.

Rewinding of materials by slicing from initial cores using a blade mechanism onto cores of your specified size or type. This process allows for the rewinding of any length onto a customized core, ensuring flexibility and precision.

Unwind Specifications:

  • Maximum Log Width: 1600mm
  • Maximum Log Diameter: 1000mm

Rewind Capability:

  • Able to slit materials into widths as narrow as 25mm.

We can customize the slitting of various self-adhesive and non-adhesive materials using our lathe slitting equipment, catering to your specific requirements. These crucial operations, serving as preliminary steps before die cutting, lamination, or printing, accommodate both standard and non-standard widths. Leveraging lathe slitting directly on the original core, we can achieve widths as narrow as 3mm, ensuring we can handle low volume orders efficiently.

Equipment Specifications:

  • Maximum Log Width: 1600mm
  • Maximum Log Diameter: 500mm
  • Minimum Slit Width: 3mm

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