Utilizing our expertise in printing technology, we guarantee superior print outcomes for a wide range of flexible materials and packaging, solidifying our reputation as a reliable converter.


Printing solutions for product identification and traceability

PolarSeal offers a variety of printing solutions for your flexiblematerial and packaging solutions. Our printing provides our customers with brand identification, product and batch traceability, user instructions and product markings.

Flexographic printing stands as the prevailing approach for imprinting on packaging materials and medical product release liners.

Roll-to-roll flexographic printing services are also available for pressure-sensitive label stock, vinyl, cloth, films, and other pliant substrates. These prints can be further safeguarded through over-lamination, shielding them from environmental factors or potential contact with solvents that may compromise the ink.

Achievable printing widths extend up to 350mm.

In-line inkjet printing serves as a valuable tool for product identification, batch traceability, and specialized applications, offering comprehensive control and flexibility. A diverse array of print size options and font styles caters to specific requirements with minimal setup costs. This technology finds application in providing instructions, such as ‘peel here’ or ‘apply this way up,’ as well as warnings like ‘Do not remove.’

For batch identification, the incorporation of high-resolution printing ensures superior appearance and legibility for the imprints on your parts, products, and packaging.

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