Benefit from our comprehensive in-house packaging and pouching services, ensuring end-to-end quality control and eliminating the possibility of contamination during transport.


Medical device packing solutions

Our services include printing pouches with customized information, facilitating high-volume pouching, and implementing metal particle detection to avert contamination.


Utilizing precision technology, our automated packaging line efficiently seals dressings or medical devices into pouches, accommodating both printed and non-printed materials.

Leveraging our growing packing and pouching expertise, PolarSeal delivers comprehensive, integrated production lines under one roof, providing customers with all-in-one solutions. Our in-house offerings comprise:

  • Multi-functional production lines, enhancing efficiency and minimizing downtime
  • Robust package strength assessments
  • Cleanroom operations
  • High-speed, precision manufacturing
  • Heat-sealed, foil-based pouching, and more.

Integrated into the pouching process to streamline operation timelines, we pack your pouched medical devices directly into printed  cartons and accomodating for a variety of sizes and quantities. This process is managed within an environmentally controlled environment, reducing the risk of contamination during transport. 

PolarSeal shapes flexible materials using heat to create custom-fit pouches that securely encase delicate medical component parts. Thermoformed pouching ensures optimal protection against contaminants, moisture, and physical damage.

PolarSeal provide 4 side sealing solutions for your medical device parts.

Packaging material includes thermo sealable and Tyvek or cold sealable composite. Running a linear speed of up to 25m/min with a pouch length of 50 to any length.

Heat sealing of plastic components, such as trays, pouches, or blisters, plays a crucial role in ensuring sterile and secure packaging. Utilizing precise heat and pressure to bond materials, preventing contamination and preserving the integrity of medical products. Platen sealing contributes significantly to the safety and efficacy of medical devices, meeting the stringent regulatory requirements of the healthcare industry.

By prioritizing precision, our vision systems enhance the quality of output and simultaneously reduce operational costs. This commitment to accuracy guarantees the consistency of both manufactured products and components packaged. Leveraging a fully automated approach, our vision system significantly boosts our success rate, thereby maintaining seamless project timelines.

Once pouched and packed, PolarSeal manages the sterilization of your device including:

  • Ethylene Oxide (EtO)
  • Gamma Irradiation Sterilization
  • Electron-Beam (E-Beam) Sterilization

We use advanced pouch packaging machinery to securely seal medical and diagnostic devices within pouches, ensuring superior seal integrity. Our services cater to diverse needs, offering an extensive array of packaging materials and designs that accommodate various requirements, including those for moisture and light-resistant products.


We are able to print directly onto pouches and cartons to feature essential information such as lot numbers, expiration dates, and UDI labeling, all compliant with the strict regulations of medical packaging quality.

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