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Multi-layer laminating

PolarSeal’s cutting-edge infrastructure includes an expansive range of facilities dedicated to the intricate process of laminating a variety of flexible material substrates onto an extensive array of other substrates.  Our streamlined process involves a thorough understanding of the unique properties of each substrate, allowing us to achieve exceptional adhesion and precision in every product.

We ensure that your specific specifications are met, catering to a multitude of dimensions, textures, and functional attributes. By harnessing a combination of innovative techniques and specialized machinery, we maintain the utmost standards of quality and reliability in the production of tailored laminated solutions. 


Processes to combine materials:

  • Multi-layer lamination
  • Wide web lamination
  • Island placement
  • Liner substitution
  • Zoned adhesive lamination

Multi-Zone lamination is commonly used to incorporate sections of non-adhesive material in a structure, facilitating the handling and application of the product. Additionally, this technique can be utilized to create narrow adhesive regions for the temporary securement or positioning of components.

Lamination width limit: 1600mm

Rewind diameter limit: 600mm

Comprehensive facilities dedicated to the lamination of self-adhesive materials, such as surgical film, onto a wide array of substrates. This capability allows us to deliver customized tape or die cuts precisely tailored to your unique requirements. Our capabilities encompass the use of differential adhesives, specialized adhesive formulations and thicknesses, as well as strip or zone lamination techniques.

PolarSeal has the capacity to manufacture laminated products of up to 1600mm in width provides PolarSeal with exceptional flexibility, enabling the configuration of a wide spectrum of standard, pre-approved, and specialized substrates.

Key Specifications:

  • Maximum Lamination Width: 1600mm
  • Maximum Rewind Diameter: 600mm

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